Cancer and Colostrum

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Colostrum and Cancer

Dear consumer,

Your inquiry regarding the use of high quality bovine colostrum inassociation with cancer has been forwarded to me. I am a business andtechnology consultant with extensive knowledge regarding the formationand composition of bovine colostrum and its health-related applications in humans and animals.Let's first talk about your situation and colostrum. I don't know where you got the idea thattumors feed on protein. A tumor originated as one single cell that went out of control and lost itsability to perform the functions for which it was originally intended. It just continues toreproduce itself and, unfortunately, some tumors shed cells that migrate to other parts of thebody and reproduce at secondary sites. Despite their loss of functional capabilities, these arecells like all others in the body and have the same metabolic requirements and essentially utilizenutrients in the same way to generate energy. The negative side is that, because the cellsassociated with many types of tumors reproduce more rapidly than healthy cells, they competewith healthy cells for nutrients and sap away cellular energy. If there is insufficient carbohydrateto use as an energy source, the cells will utilize fat and then protein, in that order, to get enoughcellular energy. This can be very debilitating and, in fact, also reduces your natural defense mechanisms.I believe that it is a big mistake to reduce your dose of colostrum. In fact, I would increase thedose so that you are receiving the equivalent of about 10 grams of powder per day. You shouldspread the dose out over the course of the day and make sure that you eat a well-balanced dietwith sufficient quality carbohydrates. This will boost your metabolism, particularly theconversion of glucose to glycogen, which is a primary source of metabolic energy. It will alsoenhance protein synthesis. The object is to support the healthy cells and help them to competewith tumor cells for metabolic energy. In addition, the IGF-1 and thymosin in the colostrum willgive your immune system a significant boost and improve its ability to scavenge tumor cells.I really don't know the circumstances associated with your overall health and, thus, it is hard tomake other recommendations. However, if at all possible, I would give serious consideration togetting the tumor on your collar bone irradiated. The most modern systems truly focus theirradiation to a site and are not debilitating like the old methods. This would at least get rid of theimmediate problem and give the actives in colostrum an even better chance to help your bodyfight the cancer.

I can attest to the fact that alternative therapies can be very effective. The wife of a businessacquaintance was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several years ago. She started chemotherapyand became so ill that she decided to stop. They sought alternative therapy for her and found aChinese herbalist in San Francisco who gave her several different preparations to take. She saidthat some of them tasted terrible, but she followed his instructions faithfully and also took 10grams of colostrum daily. Her physician refused to even examine her after that, but she foundanother one who would follow her blood chemistries. Her husband sent the lab reports to me andI did the interpretations for them. Within 6 weeks, both her red blood cell and white blood cellcounts returned to normal and then stayed there. She took the terrible tasting stuff for a year andstill takes the colostrum. She has been cancer free for about four years now. This lady hadphenomenal courage and had a very, very strong determination to win.

I hope that this is useful.

To your good health - always.


Alfred E. Fox, Ph.D.

Dr. Alfred E. Fox holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Microbiology (Immunochemistry)and has more than 25 years of senior management experience at Carter-Wallace, Baxter DadeDivision and Warner-Lambert, where he was responsible for research and development andregulatory affairs. He was also the founder and president of two biotechnology companiesfocused on agribusiness and environmental monitoring, respectively. For the past 15 years, Dr.Fox has been the President of Fox Associates, a business and technology consulting firm servingsmall- to mid-size companies in the human and animal healthcare fields. He focuses primarilyon marketing and regulatory issues and for the past 10 years has continuously consulted tobovine colostrum manufacturers, where he has gained regulatory approval for their products,been a technical advisor, helped design and develop marketing strategies and served as anexpert witness in legal matters.

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