Celiacs and Colostrum

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Colostrum and Celiacs Disease

Is there Gluten in Colostrum?

Dear consumer,

Your inquiry on Celiacs disease and whether or not colostrum containsgluten, has been forwarded to me. I am a business and technology consultant with extensiveknowledge regarding the formation of bovine colostrum and its applications in humans andanimals.

A search of the archives of the National Library of Medicine failed to find any reports of thepresence of gluten in bovine colostrum. However, since it is a wheat protein, gluten or its majorbyproduct, gliadin, could appear in colostrum if large amounts of wheat or wheat products werepresent in the diet of the cows. There is no way of really knowing exactly what they are fed sincemany, many cows on many different farms are used as a resource for the colostrum.

There are several publications that address the issue of the presence of antibodies (IgA) to glutenand gliadin in human colostrum as a result of the development of food sensitivity in the mother.The implications are significant in relation to celiac disease, a deficiency in pancreatic enzymesthat impairs the ability to digest some food proteins, like gluten or those from whole milk.There is nothing in the literature that shows that cows develop a similar sensitivity, but if theydid, the antibodies would appear in all fluids, including colostrum. There also were no papersevidencing that cows develop celiac disease, which may prove very beneficial. The sciencehowever, is still pending.

I hope you find this information beneficial.

To your good health - always.


Alfred E. Fox, Ph.D

Dr. Alfred E. Fox holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Microbiology (Immunochemistry)and has more than 25 years of senior management experience at Carter-Wallace, Baxter DadeDivision and Warner-Lambert, where he was responsible for research and development andregulatory affairs. He was also the founder and president of two biotechnology companiesfocused on agribusiness and environmental monitoring, respectively. For the past 15 years, Dr.Fox has been the President of Fox Associates, a business and technology consulting firm servingsmall- to mid-size companies in the human and animal healthcare fields. He focuses primarilyon marketing and regulatory issues and for the past 10 years has continuously consulted tobovine colostrum manufacturers, where he has gained regulatory approval for their products,been a technical advisor, helped design and develop marketing strategies and served as anexpert witness in legal matters.

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