Colostrum Heals Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Colostrum Heals Leaky Gut Syndrome!by Thomas E. Stone, ND, CNHP

The gastrointestinal tract has a huge job! It is responsible for:

The digestion of food
The assimilation of vitamins and minerals
The elimination of unusable materials and toxins from within the body
It acts as the first line of defense against bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites

When diet (sugar, refined carbohydrates, food preservatives etc.) and environmental stress,(pollution, pesticides, pharmaceutical chemicals etc.) overload this system, we end up withsomething called leaky gut syndrome. The idea of having a leaky gut, is not a pretty one, but itis far more widespread than most people realize. The above stresses on the gastrointestinalsystem causes inflammation which, for many, is a chronic condition. The swollen intestinallining becomes more permeable than normal and abnormally large spaces or holes developbetween the cells. Among other things, leaky gut syndrome causes an inability to properlydigest and assimilate food. It allows the entry of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other toxicsubstances into the bloodstream. Leaky gut is the cause of most food allergies and many nutrientdeficiencies. It is also linked to autoimmune diseases and can be the underlying cause of manyother medical conditions.

Leaky gut syndrome causes most food allergies. The enlarged spaces in an inflamed intestinalwall allow the absorption of large undigested molecular proteins from food. These proteins inthe bloodstream are considered foreign substances by the immune system which producesantibodies to get rid of them. This results in an allergic reaction or food allergy.

A leaky gut causes a weakened ability to resist infectious organisms. Inflammation damagesthe protective coating surrounding the antibodies present in a healthy intestinal tract. Thisrenders them inactive and unable to ward off organisms in the intestines where most infectionsenter the body. Organisms are then able to leak into the bloodstream and travel to almost anytissue or organ in the body.

Leaky gut syndrome creates a long list of mineral deficiencies. The carrier proteinsresponsible for transporting various minerals into the bloodstream are damaged by the swellingand inflammation of leaky gut syndrome. The inflammation of leaky gut can also block theabsorption of vitamins and essential amino acids, severely hindering nutrient absorption.Leaky gut syndrome is almost always associated with autoimmune disease. As with foodallergies, autoimmune diseases are the result of an on-going allergic reaction. In the case ofautoimmune diseases, the antibodies created in response to leaked toxins, attach to tissues in thebody. The type of autoimmune disease that results, depends on which tissues of the body areaffected.

Pure colostrum contains numerous substances which play a critical role in the healing of leakygut syndrome. In my experience, one of the first things that colostrum does is repair damagedtissue and seal the mucus layer of the intestines, making it impermeable to toxins and parasites.The immune response is enhanced and the first line of defense in the bowel is brought back tonormal function. Some of the growth factors contained in colostrum have an anti-inflammatoryeffect which is a big factor in the initial healing of leaky gut syndrome. As the intestinal lining ishealed, food allergies are reduced and often disappear entirely. The toxic load on the body isgreatly reduced and nutritional uptake is enhanced. Since colostrum enhances nutrient uptake,more nutrients are available to support other vital tissues and organs. This is why organfunctions improve and energy levels rise when individuals use colostrum on a regular basis.Because the function of the gastrointestinal tract is so important to so many processes in thebody, the healing of leaky gut syndrome is monumental! AND, leaky gut syndrome is sowidespread that when it begins to heal, a multitude of seemingly unrelated medicals problemsoften disappear.

With the use of colostrum, my patients typically notice improved digestion, greater energy andrelief from the symptoms of irritable bowel, colitis and even ulcers. Those who have allergiesand autoimmune diseases are amazed at the relief they get. Colostrum is highly recognized for itseffects in these areas.


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