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The Many Miracles of Immune-Tree Colostrum

by Anthony Kleinsmith

FOCUS ON HELPING PEOPLE, and everything else will fall into place. That’s my business philosophy. A lot of business owners are in the business of making money. Not me.

Call me naïve, but my philosophy has always been that if I can help people—whether aiding someone who needs to lose weight or by offering assistance with a far more difficult health challenge such as immune dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia or hepatitis—the rest will take care of itself.

When people receive help and experience an improvement in their health thanks to Immune-Tree colostrum, sure, the returns of a faithful consumer may be tenfold financially—but they are a thousand fold in terms of good will. For me, Immune-Tree Colostrum has never been about money.

Good Feelings…

I’d been producing colostrum for veterinary use for some 12 years when I finally saw so clearly that the published clinical data on the human health benefits of nature’s first food had grown to a critical mass. The time was right to provide colostrum to consumers. The year was 1998.

I knew we could expect “miracles” from veterinary use of colostrum. Having grown up in Cache Valley, Utah, known for its dairy products, I used to take sickly calves from other ranchers when I was a child and nurse them to health with colostrum. But what would our consumers find?

GOSH, THERE ARE SO MANY REPORTS AND STORIES now coming into Colostrum Central here at Immune-Tree. I feel truly blessed. I love helping people and seeing them getting better. Maybe I can help you. I’d love to show you how a true first-milking colostrum like Immune-Tree can improve your health or help you to meet your health challenges head on.

If you want to know more about colostrum, give me a call at Immune-Tree at (888) 484-8671. Health professionals can call (800) 916-3681. My e-mail address is I cannot diagnose or treat. But colostrum can support one’s own underlying health and enhance the body’s healing response. ❖

Kleinsmith is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on the production and science of colostrum.

We find colostrum works extremely well for gastrointestinal problems. Take this recent report…

Irene… Tree Colostrum capsules, twice per day. Irene had irritable Within a month, she was feeling better bowel syndrome with and she started eating salads with let-diabetes. For seven tuce, bell peppers, onions, and carrots years she experi-without any gastrointestinal pain whatenced severe diges-soever. We know that insulinlike growth tive problems and factor-I (IGF-I) in colostrum has the abilcould not even touch ity to aid the body in utilizing insulin raw or even cooked and therefore reducing sugar levels in vegetables. She was skeptical but her the blood. This may be why, interest- doctor advised her to use colostrum, ingly, her blood sugar normalized and and she began taking three Immune-her diabetes symptoms disappeared.


Another true-life story that really stands out is that of Arlan Reynolds. When Arlan came into our Colostrum Central offices in Orem, Utah, his face had a very gray, death pallor. Arlan’s physician told him he was suffering from an enlarged heart and circulatory blockages. He advised him to forgo all physical activity, a seeming death sentence to someone who led as active a life as Arlan.

A friend had given Arlan a bottle of Immune-Tree and told him colostrum could help to regenerate bodily tissues and organs. Now, Arlan was in my office wanting to know whether colostrum could help.

I am not a doctor. I can neither diagnose nor treat health conditions.

I could only say that, in general, colostrum possesses high concentrations of growth factors (especially human growth hormone) and that many studies show these can indeed help to rejuvenate dying organs and tissues, especially muscle tissue.

“The heart’s a muscle…” I told him.

Arlan nodded and his eyes lit up as he began to see what I was driving at. “I can’t guarantee results,” I continued, “but if you want to try it, there are no contraindications for use of colostrum, so go for it.”

Colostrum is simply a natural food with immune factors and growth factors. Arlan began with 10 capsules a day. After several months, he went to his original cardiologist who performed an EKG and other tests. His enlarged heart had returned to normal size; his circulation had normalized.

The findings were so unexpected that when Arlan brought his results to his specialist, his cardiologist thought there was something wrong with the testing or that there had been an equipment malfunction. His cardiologist put him through more tests; all revealed a return to normal function.

Today, when Arlan grabs your hand to shake, it is with a grip so strong you feel like he might break your bones! Arlan often speaks to other cardiologists at the request of his own, telling everyone about Immune-Tree Colostrum. You might call him a walking advertisement for Immune-Tree. I’m just glad he’s better now.

14 The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living / Volume 5, Number 10



Recently, we started a placebo-controlled study at a daycare center in Salt Lake City to test whether Immune-Tree’s strawberry chewables for children could reduce the incidence of infectious disease in a crowded daycare setting. I’ll tell you why the study was never completed.

It has to do with a little boy named Hunter Shepherd.

You see, Hunter, one of the participants in the study, was constantly sick. By the time he was 18 months old, he had two sets of tubes in his ears for drainage, due to chronic infections. He had never slept through the night. A relative was a pediatrician. So medical care costs were not a problem, and, perhaps as a result, he had been on just about every antibiotic known to man. But these only served to further weaken his immune function.

Once Hunter started on colostrum, within three days he was sleeping through the night. Within seven days fluid buildup and drainage from his ears, nose and back of throat had ceased.

Well, Hunter’s story was not unique. After two months on the chewable strawberry tablets, the parents of the children receiving only the placebo had begun to notice that the kids in the other group were almost all free from colds, flu, allergies, and other respiratory ailments. The parents noticed the children receiving the colostrum chewables seemed happier and had better attention spans and listening skills. The parents of the children on the placebo tablets demanded to know which children were receiving the colostrum. When they learned that their children were not receiving colostrum but only placebo, they demanded to be put on the active chewables. Or else, they threatened, they would quit the daycare center. The owner said she could not bear to lose clients.

We ended the study and put all of the kids on the strawberry colostrum chewables.

Perry Earl…

People with Parkinson’s disease also seem to find they are helped by colostrum. Perry Earl had been using L-deprenyl for three years but still had tremors of his hands and arms when a friend suggested taking Immune-Tree. He started to do some research and learned colostrum would not interfere with any medications. Perry Earl thought he would like to try it and sent me an e-mail to ask my opinion and to let me know he had started taking our pineapple-flavored lozenges every half hour, letting them dissolve under his tongue. After one week, his tremors were nearly gone and he was not experiencing the highs and lows that he was with only his medication. His doctor has lowered his medication.

Cia’s Story

I wasn’t even expecting the call…

Cia Sun, of Phoenix, Arizona, had been suffering from hepatitis C, and now she was on the phone telling me that Immune-Tree colostrum had changed her life. Talk about feeling good! We both felt great!

“My energy is so much better,” she was telling me. “My immunoglobulin count is improving, and now I’m looking to Immune-Tree Colostrum to help me to change many other facets of my life.” She listed reducing wrinkles; losing inches from her hips and thighs; help with her allergies; and, further improvement in immune function.

Cia and I speak several times a year. Her allergies have gone away. As for her hepatitis C…well she uses the “C” word and the way her tests look she may well be cured or at least in long-term remission. Perhaps colostrum aided her body’s underlying healing response.

You see, the combination of growth and immune factors contained in Immune-Tree first-milking colostrum work on supporting immune system and liver function in a manner like no other natural remedy or medical drug. The specific immune and growth factors in Immune-Tree Colostrum have been written about in medical and scientific journals for years. They are recognized for their ability to enhance the healing of damaged tissue, as well as strengthening the body’s antibody response. The growth factors in colostrum may well have helped to revitalize Cia’s liver function. The proline rich polypeptides, immunoglobulins, lysozymes and lactoferrin in Immune-Tree Colostrum aided her body’s fight against viruses and bacteria—even those associated with hepatitis C. Colostrum’s lactoferrin also has an anabolic effect, helping to activate liver enzymes, strengthening the whole body.


Helping children is always special. Skyler Jones was eight years old and living in Durant, Oklahoma, when, in February 1999, she was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a condition in which the child’s blood platelet count is extremely low, presenting problems with blood clotting, bruising, loss of appetite, mood swings, and disturbed sleep patterns.

Several weeks of therapy with prednisone did not help and her platelet count continued to fall. Intravenous treatment with gamma globulin temporarily raised her platelet count, but three weeks later a routine blood test revealed her platelet count had reverted to abnormally low levels. Every three weeks thereafter, Skyler would be hospitalized and given ever-higher doses of gamma globulin with her platelet count soaring only to fall just as quickly. There was consideration of removing her spleen, very possibly making it necessary to keep her on penicillin for the rest of her life.

In October 1999 after hearing an interview with me on a radio show, her grandmother Rose Herren realized the possible benefits for Skyler and purchased Immune-Tree Colostrum. Slowly, her platelet count would rise and maintain a safe level. The time between hospital visits lengthened. Most telling: when Skyler did not receive her colostrum on a regular basis, her platelet counts would fall to unsafe levels.


Fibromyalgia has few good treat ments, but, again, colostrum seems to help. Bridget had been on colostrum for six months when she reported she was no longer experiencing joint pain from her fibromyalgia and was even riding her bike again. Her energy level soared. She had chronic constipation with bowel movements limited to once every eight days. Now she is having a movement daily. Like Cia, Bridget is using the C word.

Volume 5, Number 10 / The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living 15

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