Heart and Colostrum

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Colostrum and the Heart

Dear consumer,

The following reflects the current state of scientific knowledge about whatroutine dietary supplementation with high quality bovine colostrum will dowith respect to heart muscle physiology and function.

Growth hormone is present in bovine colostrum and has been shown to work in concert withIGF-1 in the functioning and repair of the heart muscle. Receptors for both growth hormone andIGF-1 are found on all heart muscle cells and scientific evidence indicates that growth hormonemay act directly on the heart, whereas the effects of IGF-1 may be indirect and operate throughseparate hormonal pathways. Research studies have also shown that both growth hormone andIGF-1 have stimulatory effects on heart muscle cells and it is believed that this occurs throughthe pathway by which the cells use calcium. It has also been shown that administration of growthhormone to patients with congestive heart failure can induce a marked improvement in heartfunction and clinical status.

It should also be noted that high quality first milking bovine colostrum does not contain anycholesterol and can be used safely by individuals with high serum cholesterol and hightriglycerides.


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Alfred E. Fox, Ph.D.

Dr. Alfred E. Fox holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Microbiology (Immunochemistry)and has more than 25 years of senior management experience at Carter-Wallace, Baxter DadeDivision and Warner-Lambert, where he was responsible for research and development andregulatory affairs. He was also the founder and president of two biotechnology companiesfocused on agribusiness and environmental monitoring, respectively. For the past 15 years, Dr.Fox has been the President of Fox Associates, a business and technology consulting firm servingsmall- to mid-size companies in the human and animal healthcare fields. He focuses primarilyon marketing and regulatory issues and for the past 10 years has continuously consulted tobovine colostrum manufacturers, where he has gained regulatory approval for their products,been a technical advisor, helped design and develop marketing strategies and served as anexpert witness in legal matters.

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