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Doctors Can't Explain His Recovery From Congestive Heart Failure

Arlan Reynolds -age 63

At the time he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Arlan Reynolds had already had other heart problems but he had somehow been able to maintain his work and his outside interests. Hard work had always been a way of life for him and the diagnosis of congestive heart failure was a difficult blow. It forced some equally difficult decisions.

“Congestive heart failure meant limiting physical exertion for the rest of my life - a real lifestyle change for me. I had 30 emus and 6 llamas which I had to let go because I just couldn’t take care of them anymore,” comments Arlan. “I was told that I had an enlarged heart; and that there was a certain percentage of it that was actually ‘dead.’ My doctor said that in all his years of practice, he had never seen an enlarged heart return to normal size. Consequently, I was put on a heart transplant list and given very little hope of ever having a normal life again,” recalls Arlan.

Fortunately, the blockages in Arlan’s heart didn’t turn out to be severe enough to warrant a transplant and he was later removed from the heart transplant list. That left him open to explore other options. When he discovered colostrum and began taking it, Arlan had no expectation for what might happen. He faithfully took 8-10 capsules/day and he continued with his regular nutritional program. As time went on, he noticed an increase in energy and stamina but he had no idea what was really happening until 18 months later when he went in for his annual physical exam.

“My doctor took X-rays of my heart along with other routine tests,” says Arlan. “He compared the X-rays with the ones which had originally been taken. Then he sent me to a special facility to have his findings substantiated. After numerous other tests, including more X-rays, an EKG and an echo-cardiogram, the doctor told me that he didn’t understand what had taken place, but that all the tests indicated my heart had returned to normal size,” relates Arlan.

Arlan’s next question to the doctor was, “Are you telling me that now, I can play racquetball?” The doctors’s reply, was simply, “I would highly recommend it.”

That answer from the doctor was a complete surprise. Previously, they had prepared him for a rather sedentary life, and not much of a life, at that. Now, doctors were telling him that it was in his best interest to exercise - vigorously. Happily, that is what Arlan has done. He is grateful that he was removed from the heart transplant list and equally grateful that he discovered colostrum when he did. He wishes more people understood what it might do for them.

According to The American Journal of Cardiology, January 1999:

  • One quarter of a million people die each year from heart failure.
  • The number of deaths from heart failure has inreased six-fold over the last 40 years.
  • Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization in those over 65 years of age.
  • Hospitalization costs for heart failure are double that of all forms of cancer.

Colostrum -New/ Yet Very Old

In a fast-paced world, sometimes the most profound influences are the simplest and the oldest, the ones we connect with when we are very still. Colostrum, like so many things of a profound nature, is not a new discovery. It is as old as life itself. It has been used for centuries, for everything from immune deficiency and age-related symptoms to treatment of the common cold. Volumes of recent medical research have brought it to the attention of health care practitioners all over the world. As a result, this very old and very remarkable natural substance has been reintroduced to take us to greater levels of health at a time when we need it the most.

Colostrum is the first mammary secretion that every mammal gives its newborn. It is produced by the mother for only a short period of time before milk is produced. It contains numerous compounds which affect more than 50 processes in the body, ranging from immunity to regeneration and growth of all types of cells. For years, the western world has ignored the powerful influence of nature’s first food. However, recent study has shown it to be extremely beneficial, not only for the newborn, but for animals and humans of all ages.

Interestingly, the immune and growth factors contained in bovine (cow) colostrum have been shown to be identical to those found in human colostrum - not just identical, but many times more potent. In addition, cows produce an abundance of this “first food” - enough to supply human needs without depriving newborn calves.There are two main groups of components in colostrum which are responsible for its beneficial effects: Immune Factors and Growth factors.

The immune factors in colostrum contain antibodies which provide immunity from numerous microorganisms. Other immune factors act in a variety of ways to kill bacteria and virus, balance the immune system, regulate the thymus gland (a key component of the immune system), control inflammation and protect against allergic reactions.

The growth factors in colostrum are responsible for the rebuilding and repair of cellular tissues. They improve nutrient uptake, rebuild bone mass, return elasticity to the skin, improve energy, build lean muscle, increase memory, balance blood sugar levels, burn fat and elevate moods. Does all that sound too good to be true? As amazing as it sounds, it is all true!

Few natural supplements have the volumes of medical research that colostrum has to support its use. More than 4000 scientific papers line the medical journals with documentation of colostrum’s ability to beneficially affect a wide variety of health conditions. The list includes chronic infections like sinusitis, cystitis and yeast infections; autoimmune diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis; digestive disorders like leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and ulcers; respiratory aliments like asthma, emphysema, and allergies, as well as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, gout, depression and resistance to colds and flu. With consistent use, the growth factors in colostrum, continually regenerate and rebuild the entire body.

The youthful “side effects” of taking colostrum include more energy, elevated moods, smoother skin, improved eyesight, better digestion, and weight loss. Because of these impressive anti-aging benefits, several of the individual growth factors have been successfully synthesized and used in costly anti-aging clinics for years. Now, those who take colostrum (the whole food) can benefit from all of its components at a more affordable price.

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The Answer is a Healthy Immune System  
The question is, . . . How can we avoid sickness lution, depleted oxygen levels, treatment chemicals in system, keeping it balanced between over and under-
and disease - especially when we are plagued with re- drinking water, pesticides, electromagnetic frequencies activity. This is why colostrum is so valuable in fighting
sistant bacteria and viruses strong enough to cause (EMF’s), poor nutrition and emotional stress are all dif auto-immune diseases, which are the result of an over-
chronic illness? ficult to avoid. Yet, in addition to a less-than-perfect active immune system. Still other immune factors regu-
The immune system is one of the most complex sys world, add a diet of fast foods, refined carbohydrates, late the thymus gland and others control inflammation
tems in the body. It includes elements of the thymus carbonated drinks and excessive amounts of sugar and and allergic reactions.
gland, lymph nodes, bone marrow, thyroid and spleen. it’s no wonder immune deficiency is at epidemic pro- A group of components called growth factors are
It also involves the circulatory systems which transport portions. responsible for the promotion of growth and the repair
immune components throughout the body where they Until recently, we have had very few choices for of tissues throughout the body. These growth factors
are needed. It is so complex that we are only beginning strengthening our immune systems. Exercise, diet, pure have even been shown to regrow the thymus gland to
to understand the full scope of its action. A healthy water, herbs and supplements will do their part but the youthful proportions. This is important because the
immune system is capable of detecting and destroying task is still difficult. However, with the introduction of thymus is one of the key organs in the immune system
all the harmful organisms that enter the body - from colostrum, our options have just gotten a lot better! and it shrinks in size after adolescence. Growth fac
those that cause the common cold to those that are Not only does colostrum function like a supplemental tors improve nutrient uptake and rebuild tissues. Be-
responsible for serious diseases. Considering the mil- immune system, fighting pathogens just like it does for a sides rebuilding the organs crucial to proper immune
lions of bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens newborn baby, but the other factors found in colostrum function, they have been shown to rebuild heart muscle,
that we encounter on a daily basis, our immune systems help strengthen and rebuild a weakened immune sys lung tissue and cartilage.
do an amazing job. On the other hand, most health tem. So, whether you are battling a serious health con-
problems stem from a weakened immune system. Pure colostrum supports the immune system from cern or just want to strengthen your immune system,
We live in a society where immune deficiency is several different angles. Immunoglobulins neutralize colostrum can make a big difference. In the end, the
practically an epidemic. Our immune systems are bom bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi and other systemic tox only answer is a healthy immune system.
barded with toxins and stresses at every turn. Air pol- ins. Other immune factors help regulate the immune  

“The Book Said Colostrum Could Help Lupus. What Did I Have To Lose?”

left, Susan Rivera, granddaughter & daughter

Susan Rivera has had systemic and discoid lupus for 5 years and although her symptoms have never been severe enough for her to quit working, the disease was taking its toll on a weekly basis.

“The biggest difficulty was the exhaustion,” says Susan. “By the time Friday afternoon came around, I was so exhausted that all I could do was fall into bed at the end of the day. I usually spent all day Saturday resting

- building up enough energy to do the laundry, clean up the apartment and get ready to do it all over again the next week,” she says.

“My sister was the one who told me about colostrum,” recalls Susan. “She had been looking for something to help my condition from the beginning. She read a book about colostrum which mentioned lupus and several other auto-immune diseases. The book outlined specifically how colostrum was able to help the whole class of diseases in the ‘auto-immune’ category. It made so much sense that I immediately wanted to try it,” reports Susan.

Even though the internist at the clinic where she was being treated hadn’t heard of it, Susan began taking 3 colostrum twice a day. “What did I have to lose?” she remembers. “I started taking it on a Saturday morning

-just in case I experienced the cleansing reaction I had read about. What little reaction I had only lasted 24-36 hours. The following Friday, I stopped off on the way home from work and bought new pots for my houseplants. I went home and repotted all my plants, vacuumed my apartment and made a nice dinner for myself. At 9:00 P.M. I was ready to mop the kitchen floor when I suddenly realized what I had done. It was Friday night and I was full of energy! I called my sister in utter amazement! That was 6 months ago, but it was the beginning of a whole new pattern in my life,” recalls Susan.

“In just 6 months I have made amazing progress. I have lost weight, my legs don’t burn when I walk, my memory is much better and I don’t experience that ‘lupus fog’ anymore. My boss at work even asked me what I was doing because I am so much more on top of things. My head is clear for the first time in years,” says Susan.

Besides the energy, clarity and reduction in pain, the level of infection in her body has also dropped drastically. Since the diagnosis of lupus in 1995, Susan has had upper respiratory problems and ongoing kidney and bladder infections. Her regular visits to a urologist have shown sedimentation and infection for years. However, after several months taking colostrum, her most recent tests showed no sedimentation in the urine and no sign of infection. Her blood tests also showed that she was no longer anemic - another difficulty she had struggled with for a long time.

“I take 4 colostrum twice a day, now, and I feel great! - better than I have felt in 5 years!” says Susan.

Health Professionals Comment on Colostrum

“I have recommended colostrum to hundreds of patients. ‘First-milking’ colostrum is especially good for those with chronic depleted immune systems, or for those who have had long lasting or recurring infections. I also regularly recommend it for upper respiratory problems and rheumatic joint problems. I have seen impressive results with gastric and duodenal ulcers. It is one of the few supplements I feel comfortable letting people take without any sort of analysis. It’s hard to imagine my practice without it.”

Greg Barsten, D.C., C.C.S.P., C.C.N

“Colostrum can play a major role in reducing the burden of negative microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungi, and even some parasites. These organisms often affect the larger disease status within an individual, and colostrum is so effective in changing the ‘internal’ terrain and keeping these organisms under control. Colostrum is an integral part of my practice something I feel is so vital to human health.”

James P. Scheb, C.R.A.

“Colostrum may well be the best practical protection available against auto-immune disease, cancer and other incurable conditions. It is completely natural, free of side effects, and an excellent alternative to hundreds of drugs. . . definitely worth your consideration.”

Zoltan Rona, M.D.

“I like to use colostrum as one of my first lines of therapy. I have also used it to strengthen the immune system on a long term basis. It works well for those who are chronically ill because it stimulates the immune system. It also tends to help gastrointestinal problems very nicely. [Bovine] colostrum is not designed specifically for humans, but there’s a lot of crossover between bacteria and parasites that cows have and what humans get. The immunoglobulins in colostrum work very well. There’s also something called Transfer Factor in colostrum which has a lot of memory in terms of stimulating immune function. It is a key to building antibodies to certain diseases.”

Dennis Harper, D.O.

“I use colostrum for problem patients who have been unable to get results with other courses of treatment. It has proven very effective in conditions of weakened immunity or auto-immune conditions such as Epstein Barr. It is also very helpful in helping clients with toxic conditions. Because it is such a benign, natural substance, there are no problems with possible side effects.”

Karl Hawkins, D.C.

“The benefits with auto-immune diseases and viruses are ... profound because we really have no other way to effectively treat these conditions. . . Colostrum

also has some very significant effects with allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, compromised digestive tract, decreased mental alertness, depression, osteoporosis and yeast infections. That’s just a few of the many conditions that are helped. Because colostrum is a food and because it is so safe, it probably should be tried on almost all illnesses that we suffer from.”

Lance Wright, M.D.

“I see people in my practice every day whose immune systems are broken down due to physical, chemical and emotional stresses. Colostrum has been very beneficial in enhancing the immune system so that the body can heal itself, which is what it was designed to do.”

Damon Green, D.C.

“I am delighted with colostrum’s immune factors and growth hormones for immune support and thymus regeneration. I am excited to finally discover something so simple and so natural which can help to rebuild and maintain thymus function. No matter what ailment my clients report, I feel great confidence in recommending colostrum for their primary immune support.”

Craig Turner, Iridologist

Winter 2000 • Colostrum Option •

Leaky Gut? Not Me!

Even though no one wants to admit to having something called, “leaky gut,” it is far more widespread than most people realize, and chances are, you do have it. “Leaky gut syndrome” is the name given to a very common health disorder which is not often recognized by physicians. It is a condition in which the intestinal lining is more permeable than normal, due to abnormally large spaces or “holes” between the cells of an inflamed intestinal lining. Among other things, leaky gut syndrome causes an inability to properly digest and assimilate food. It allows the entry of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other toxic substances into the bloodstream. Leaky gut syndrome is the common factor behind most food allergies and many nutrient deficiencies. It is also linked to autoimmune diseases and can be the underlying cause of many other health conditions.

Leaky gut syndrome is the result of inflammation which causes the spaces between the cells of the intestinal wall to enlarge. It can be brought on and aggravated by a number of things such as: • over-antibiotic use

  • excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, advil etc.)
  • food dyes and preservatives
  • contaminated foods
  • birth control pills
  • parasites
  • alcohol and caffeine.
  • prescription corticosteroids (e.g., prednisone)

A leaky gut causes a weakened ability to resist infectious organisms. Inflammation damages the protective coating surrounding the antibodies present in a healthy intestinal tract. This renders them inactive and unable to ward off organisms in the intestines where most infections enter the body. Organisms are then able to “leak” into the bloodstream and travel to almost any tissue or organ in the body.

Leaky gut syndrome causes most food allergies. The enlarged spaces in an inflamed intestinal wall also allow the absorption of large molecular proteins from food, which would normally be broken down further before entering the blood. These undigested proteins in the bloodstream are considered foreign substances and the immune system produces antibodies to get rid of them. This results in an allergic reaction or food allergy.

Leaky gut syndrome also creates a long list of mineral deficiencies. The carrier proteins responsible for transporting various minerals into the bloodstream are damaged by the swelling and inflammation of leaky gut syndrome. For example, magnesium deficiency is a very common finding in conditions like fibromyalgia, despite a supplemental magnesium intake. It doesn’t matter how much magnesium is taken; when the carrier protein is damaged, magnesium will not get into the body where it is needed. Similarly, the body can be deprived of zinc, copper, calcium, silicon and a wide array of micro nutrients. The inflammation of leaky gut syndrome can also block the absorption of vitamins and essential amino acids, severely hindering nutrient uptake.

Leaky gut syndrome is almost always associated with auto-immune disease. As with food allergies, auto-immune diseases are the result of an on-going allergic reaction. In the case of auto-immune diseases, the antibodies created in response to “leaked” toxins, attach to tissues in the body. When this happens, autoantibodies are created which end up attacking the tissues themselves. Hence, the term auto-immune disease and the idea that the body is attacking itself. The type of auto-immune disease that results, depends on which tissues of the body are affected. For example, multiple sclerosis affects the tissues surrounding the nerves, and rheumatoid arthritis involves the tissues of the joints. Colostrum supports those who have auto-immune diseases in several ways. First, by healing the intestinal lining, second, by reducing the inflamation, and third, by slowing an overactive immune response. Those with auto-immune diseases are some of the first to notice the benefits of colostrum.

Colostrum contains numerous substances which play a critical role in the healing of leaky gut syndrome. Its many beneficial factors focus their efforts in this area of the body where an overwhelming majority of diseases and infections gain entrance. One of the first things that colostrum does is repair damaged tissue and seal the mucus layer of the intestines, making it impermeable to toxins and parasites. Some of the growth factors, contained in colostrum have an anti-inflammatory effect which is a big factor in the initial healing of leaky gut syndrome. With a healed leaky gut, many other conditions can be simultaneously and positively affected. The toxic load on the body is greatly reduced and nutritional uptake is enhanced. As the intestinal lining is healed, food allergies are reduced and often disappear entirely. The immune response is enhanced and the first line of defense in the bowel is brought back to more normal function. Since colostrum enhances nutrient uptake, more nutrients are available to support other vital tissues and organs. This is why organ function improves and energy levels rise. Because the function of the gastrointestinal tract is so important to so many processes in the body, the healing of leaky gut syndrome is monumental. Colostrum is highly recognized for its effects in this area.

“First-milking” - The First Step to Higher Quality. What is “first-milking”colostrum?

“First-milking” colostrum is the colostrum taken right after a baby calf has had its first meal. This is when the immune factors and the growth factors are still at their peak. A “first-milking” colostrum contains several times the immune factors and growth factors compared to colostrum which is taken during later milkings. It provides maximum benefits from all the components which colostrum is noted for.

Even the most basic dairy chemistry texts show that the concentration of valuable immune factors and growth factors contained in colostrum drops rapidly during the first 36 hours after birth. In fact, the drop is so rapid that after only 10 hours, the concentration of these components is only half of what it was at the time of birth. So accurate is this research, that it is possible to tell when colostrum has been collected, just by testing the concentration of these factors.

Since true colostrum is only produced for a short period of time before the transition to milk is well underway, there are only a few short hours during which pure colostrum is available. This is the strongest case for using a “first-milking” colostrum. Second, third, fourth and fifth milkings contain some colostrum but they also contain more lactose and more milk, as time goes on. These later milkings are referred to as “transitional milk” which is characterized by a reduction in beneficial growth factors and immune factors.

Many colostrum products on the market today, are taken from as far out as 24-48 hours. Testing shows that the concentration of beneficial factors in these products is many times lower than in “first-milking” colostrum which is usually taken within the first several hours after birth, before the transition to milk begins.

Limiting colostrum to the “first-milking” is the first step to higher quality. Other important considerations are:

  • The organic status -Is the product completely free of hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics?
  • The health of the cows -Are they USDA certified, Grade A, dairy cows?
  • The biological integrity of the delicate growth hormones and immune factors

Has the product been low-temperature processed to avoid damaging the constituents?

  • The size of the pool -Does this colostrum come from hundreds of cows or thousands, from one dairy or from dairies all over the country to represent a wide range of antibodies?
  • The purity of the product - Has anything been added or removed during processing?

Beginning with a “first-milking” product, all these factors contribute to a high quality colostrum, suitable for human consumption.

Understanding the Healing Crisis
The energy requirements of your body are supplied sent a tremendous deposit to the energy bank account, a difference in how quickly and how thoroughly you are
from something like an energy bank account. Deposits resulting in significant amounts of cellular energy. The able to detoxify. Taking over-the-counter remedies for
to the account come from a healthful diet, restful sleep, body wisely uses this additional energy to expel the buildup symptoms will either prolong or stop the process. Here
regular exercise and recreation. Withdrawals from the of toxins which have accumulated over the years. are a few suggestions to support your body during detoxi
account are taken for digestion, circulation, heating/cool This remarkable process, known as a healing crisis, fication: Drink plenty of water, eat simply (fresh fruits
ing, repair, immune function and waste removal. When can sometimes be uncomfortable and frustrating. It is and vegetables), breath deeply (rapidly and deeply for
deposits are not sufficient to meet the energy demands often accompanied by fatigue, headaches, irritability, nau 60 seconds every hour), take Epsom salt baths and get
of the body, the least critical functions are left undone. sea, and/or flu-like symptoms, and can last from as little plenty of rest. Once through the “crisis,” your body will
In other words, when diet, exercise and rest are inad as a few hours to several days, depending on the status begin to function more efficiently and the resultant level
equate, sometimes the trash doesn’t get taken out. of your health. of vitality will be well worth the effort.
Because of the way colostrum works, it can repre Supporting your body through a healing crisis can make  

• Colostrum Option • Winter 2000

An Interview With Dr. Lance Wright, M.D.

Dr. Wright is a professor of Integrative Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. He maintains his own practice and is very involved in research. He is a founding member of the Association for Holistic Health and the American Holistic Medical Association where he has served on the board of directors. Dr. Wright is the author of the recently published book, Colostrum, Mother Nature’s Healthy Alternative for Every Generation.

Q: Dr. Wright, If colostrum was designed for newborn babies, what makes it a supplement for every generation?

A: Colostrum is nature’s perfect first meal. Not only does it provide protection for a newborn baby against bacteria, toxins, virus and disease, but it can offer this same protection to adults and children. When we take colostrum, the specific antibodies against many pathogens are passed on to us. They can protect us today and also in the future. The immune factors and co-factors in colostrum activate a baby’s immune system and they can bring more normal function back to a dysfunctional adult immune system. Literally anyone can benefit from the immune-enhancing properties of colostrum. But, colostrum does so much more than just support the immune system. It also contains a large number of growth factors which help regenerate tissue, for healing and repair. Considering the ordeal of birth and the injuries it can cause, the growth factors in colostrum go a long way to promote very rapid healing and to stimulate growth in the newborn. In the adult, these same growth factors are involved in the healing and repair of damaged tissues and organs. With true colostrum, you will see a toning of muscle throughout the body. Skin tissues will firm up so that wrinkles often disappear. Colostrum is also known to induce more rapid healing of injured tissue. This is why it is used by athletes to help with injuries and to reduce the recovery time after a workout. So, you can see that whether we’re talking about a newborn baby who doesn’t receive breast-milk, a child with chronic illness, an adult who wants to tone and firm up, or the elderly with damaged tissues from disease or aging; colostrum really does have applications for every generation - and it’s never too late to start getting the benefits from this remarkable food.

Q: What health benefits from colostrum have impressed you the most?

A: The benefits with auto-immune diseases and viruses are some of the most profound because we really have no other way to effectively treat these conditions. Studies show that colostrum will reduce the virus levels in the body from 100 to 1000-fold. Colostrum also has some very significant effects with allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, compromised digestive tract, decreased mental alertness, depression, osteoporosis and yeast infections. That’s just a few of the many conditions that are helped. Because colostrum is a food and because it is so safe, it probably should be tried on almost all illnesses that we suffer from.

Q: So, is colostrum a fountain of youth?

A: (smiling) Colostrum produces so many real anti-aging effects that the title “fountain of youth” is very tempting. Benefits like softer skin, improved muscle tone, more energy, mental alertness, improved moods, reduced wrinkles, even improved eyesight in some cases are very impressive and make it a very close second to an elixir of youth. However, as much as we’d like to believe otherwise, there simply is no magic pill that will make our bodies function at full energy and ability. To date, colostrum is as close as we’ve come, but colostrum alone is not enough. All aspects of our lifestyle need to be in harmony to promote full health and physical strength.

Q: You’re a medical doctor, Why don’t pharmaceutical companies market colostrum and make it available to medical doctors?

A: A natural product cannot be patented, and if a pharmaceutical company can’t own it, through patenting, their investment is difficult to recover. So, because they can’t

“Colostrum is nature’s

perfect first meal. Not only does it provide protection for a newborn baby against bacteria, toxins, virus and disease, but it can offer this same protection to adults and children.”

own a natural product, they often choose to isolate a few factors and synthesize them - which is also a very expensive process. The resulting synthesized, partial products produce less benefit compared to using a pure, whole, substance and they end up being more expensive. In fact, pharmaceutical companies have isolated several of the factors from colostrum. Some of these are being sold at a cost of $800 to $1,200 a month. These products do contain some anti-aging properties, but not nearly as much as is possible from the whole colostrum .

Q: What about Transfer factor?

A: Transfer factor is another component which has been isolated from colostrum. It is known for its ability to increase killer white cells and for increasing the activity of white blood cells in the body. Transfer factor may have some marvelous effects by itself, but it works even better when it is accompanied by all the co-factors and other complimentary components contained in colostrum. Isolating one piece, eliminates the balance and the full potential of the whole product.

Q: How fast does colostrum begin to work?

A: Immediately. Colostrum begins its work by being absorbed into the bowel mucosa. It produces a healing there which provides benefits throughout the body. Most people begin to feel systemically and generally better right away. People who are taking 6000-8000 mgs. a day often feel the difference in a week. However, we are each unique and some of the stresses our bodies have endured may mean that relief won’t come right away. The long-term benefits of colostrum are definitely worth any minor wait you may experience. Also, remember that just because you don’t experience noticeable differences doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Those who are generally healthy may not “feel” any different, but in the long run, taking colostrum will improve the immune response and help the body to recover from day to day stresses in a more efficient manner.

Q: Is there anyone that might be harmed by using colostrum?

A: There are no known side effects with any dosage level

- and that’s very important, because with most pharmaceuticals, even if you can tolerate a small dosage, a large dosage can be very toxic. With colostrum, you can take as much as you want and the only thing you will receive are the benefits -it doesn’t matter how old or young you are.

Q: Will colostrum change a person’s normal supplement routine?

A: Yes, it can. The fact that you are getting much better absorption as the intestinal lining is healed means that you may ultimately need less of the supplements you take. Colostrum will aid in the absorption of nutrients from foods as well as from supplements. Also, colostrum, itself, contains several vitamins, minerals and naturally-occurring antioxidants.

Q: Can you elaborate on the vitamin and mineral content in colostrum?

A: Colostrum contains vitamins, A, and E which are known antioxidants. It contains sulfur, which is a key factor in many bodily process and metabolic functions. It also contains traces of the other vitamins and minerals. Although colostrum is not a significant source of vitamins and minerals, it does contain the co-factors and enzymes which allow them to be fully utilized by the body.

Q: Is all colostrum the same?

A: No, it isn’t. At the present time, there is a wide variation in what is available - anywhere from exceptional quality and high potency to very low quality and low potency. Obviously, there is also a big difference in the potential benefits you may receive. The biggest difference between brands is in the time during which the colostrum is taken. The most recent research shows that there is a window of 8-12 hours after the birth of a calf during which the beneficial factors are at their peak. Colostrum taken during this period of time has 100% of these factors. However, after12 hours, the colostrum begins the transition to milk and all of the beneficial factors begin to decrease in strength. Some brands of colostrum are taken from as long as 24 to 48 hours after the birth of the calf, even though this is not true colostrum. This way you lose many of the beneficial factors and you might as well be taking dried milk.

Q: There has been some discussion about whether or not the fat should be removed from colostrum. What are your thoughts?

A: This question is answered when you understand that the fat acts as a carrier for most of the growth factors and some of the immune factors in colostrum. The removal of the fat takes with it these factors as well as the Lactoferrin and some of the transfer factors and co-factors. By removing the fat, you may be removing over ½ of the equation for benefit. Like so many others foods, we are better off when we consume them whole, the way they were designed.

Q: What about fat being bad for us?

A: We need to understand that “fat” is not bad for us. It is the saturated fats and the hydrogenated fats in processed foods which are detrimental to the body, not the natural, unsaturated fats and oils contained in whole foods. The amount of unsaturated fat contained in colostrum is minimal, and it is both easily digestible and highly beneficial to the body .

Q: How much colostrum do you take, personally?

A: On a maintenance basis I take 1500 mgs. a day. However, I take more during times of stress, like when I have a heavy schedule or when I travel. I also take more when I begin to experience the symptoms of a cold or flu - it all depends on what is happening in my life.

Q: Do you have any advice for those who are considering taking colostrum?

A: It might be helpful to mention that scientific studies show bovine colostrum to be completely compatible to the human system. It has no toxic factors and no interactions with the natural chemistry of the human body. It is so safe that there is no known limit to the amount which may be taken. In the case of colostrum, there is considerable evidence that “more is better.” Keep in mind, also, that it is always appropriate to consult a health care professional before taking any supplement.

Winter 2000 • Colostrum Option •

Colostrum is for Athletes

by Winthrop Graham, 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist

When I started taking colostrum, I was still recovering from a knee injury which I incurred during the 1996 Olympics. It was a rather serious injury and doctors wanted to perform surgery, but I opted for a rehabilitation program, instead. After 2 years, it was at least 95% better but I hadn’t gotten full recovery. The only time I had any trouble was after I ran the hurdles. When I did, my knee would be so stiff that I couldn’t run again for a while. However, within 2 months after I began taking 12 colostrum a day, I could run the hurdles with no stiffness at all. That was amazing to me and I became a believer. Since then, I have continued to take colostrum and I have noticed other benefits as well.

Those of us who exercise or work out regularly are always looking for ways to enhance our performance. Athletes share a number of common denominators which make us prime candidates for colostrum. Not only does it help build lean muscle tissue; colostrum also slows protein breakdown and speeds protein synthesis. In fact, many body builders say that colostrum is the most effective muscle-building agent they have ever used - and it’s completely natural! Here are some of the ways colostrum can specifically help athletes. Colostrum Builds Lean Muscle

One of the real problems with achieving muscular development lies, not just in harnessing anabolism (growth) but in preventing catabolism (breakdown). A true, first-milking, colostrum contains two important compounds which work synergistically to accomplish the building of lean muscle mass. The first of these, called IgF-1, is a small peptide with a more potent anabolic effect than any known compound - including all the steroids. Research has shown that during exercise, IgF-1 is the signal which triggers muscle cell proliferation IgF-1works hand in hand with growth hormone (GH) for the building of lean muscle mass. Most athletes are extremely impressed with colostrum’s ability to enhance muscle development. Colostrum Aids Metabolism for a More Effiient Use of Fuel and Greater Energy

Athletes require strength and stamina to compete. Anything that will enhance endurance and maximize fuel is certainly an asset. During heavy workouts and in times of hunger, the body burns its own protein instead of fat. Studies have shown that colostrum shifts fuel utilization to fat, actually preventing the body from burning glucose for energy. The additional growth factors in colostrum keep GH levels in the body high enough so that protein (muscle) is not compromised during heavy workouts. It also stimulates glucose transport in the muscle, making more efficient use of the available fuel. Athletes and body builders often report that they lose weight while gaining inches.

Winthrop Graham, 2 - time Olympic Silver medalist

Colostrum Repairs Tissue and Speeds Healing

Each time we exercise strenuously, we cause tiny tears in muscle tissue. The muscle-building factors in colostrum, repair this damage quickly while strengthening muscles. The regenerative effects of colostrum extend to nearly all structural cells of the body; in fact, IgF-1 is the best known compound for synthesis and repair of cartilage. Other compounds known as Transforming Growth Factors A and B are known for their ability to enhance healing and in the synthesis and repair of both RNA and DNA. Colostrum works to heal athletic injuries, from those that occur on a day to day basis within the muscle, to those of a more serious nature.

Several years ago, the Finnish Olympic ski team, participated in a study involving colostrum. Members of the team who took colostrum, showed significantly reduced muscle-cell damage on the fourth day following 7 days of acute exercise. They also reported being less fatigued. Most athletes report quicker recovery without the same level of fatigue.

Colostrum Supports the Immune System

Athletes and body builders are more prone to infections and chronic fatigue syndrome. This is because heavy workouts and strenuous competition temporarily depress the immune system. Factors contained in colostrum can make a remarkable difference for athletes. First, the quicker recovery time shortens the period of vulnerability and allows the immune system to build up critical T-cells to fight invading organisms. Second, the antibodies in colostrum can provide passive immunity to many pathogens. Third, both growth factors and immune factors continually work to strengthen the immune system so that suppression after a workout doesn’t last as long. Lastly, GH is considered an immuno-stimulant because it helps the body produce antibodies, T-cells and white blood cells. Together with IgF-1, GH has been used quite successfully to fight off infection. Both growth factors and immune factors in colostrum support an athlete’s temperamental immune system, helping to

compensate for the stress from heavy workouts.

Colostrum Helps with Nutrient Uptake

For an athlete, nutrition is paramount. Making sure

the body has the building blocks for strenuous exercise and repair is essential. That is why the support that colostrum offers the entire digestive system is so important. Colostrum heals the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption takes place. Not only does this enhance nutrient uptake, but it seals out invading organisms which otherwise slip through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream. It also accounts for the boost in energy that most people feel when they take colostrum.

Colostrum benefits the athlete in so many ways that it is rapidly gaining in popularity - especially amongst those who prefer to stay with natural substances. My wife and I are both convinced of its healing and supportive qualities.

Winthrop Graham is a 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist. His wife, Yvonne, is also an Olympian. They own a nutrition business called Total Fitness Nutrition with everything for the athlete.

Before Colostrum, I was Just Another “Wanna Be”

Jeff Spring always dreamed of being a body builder. cold that went around. Until last year I still had my And until a year ago that dream was destined to remain share of respiratory problems, but not any longer. I went just that - a dream. Then he discovered colostrum at through this last winter completely strong and healthy, the local health food store. One year later he has lost even working out for five to six hours every day.” 25 pounds, yet his body is a lot bigger. He has been

“I started taking ½ tsp. of colostrum, twice a able to increase his workouts to 6 hours a day, 7

day (the suggested dosage), and right away I no-days a week, with no recovery problem. The ten

ticed how good I felt. At that point, I did some donitis he had in his arm is gone; even his hair

research. I had taken another brand of colostrum which had started to recede is growing again.

and I wanted to know why it had not yielded the When you talk to Jeff, you can feel his ex-

same results. I discovered that the brand I had citement. He says, “People stop me on the street

taken was a 24-hour colostrum which had been and say, ‘I don’t mean to embarrass you but you

de-fatted. The new brand was a “first-milking” have the most incredible body.’ No one ever said

colostrum - high in growth factors. That’s why it that kind of thing to me before. Now it happens

made such a difference,” says Jeff. “At that point, all the time. My friends who know me, can’t be-

I started taking more, because I also found out lieve I’ve lost weight because they can see I’m

that there was no upper limit to what a person bigger. It’s so amazing!”

could take. The more I took, the better it got,” “I always wanted to be a body builder, so I tried

comments Jeff. everything natural to gain weight and build muscle

Jeff takes 2-3 heaping teaspoons of colostrum but nothing had any significant effect until I found co-powder, 4 times a day. “That’s a lot, but the beauty lostrum,” says Jeff. of true colostrum is that there are no adverse effects,

Jeff’s story is even more interesting, considering his no matter how much you take. These days, I am close background. “I was born with respiratory problems,” to devoting my full time efforts to body building - some-he says. “I was supposed to need an inhaler for the rest thing I never thought I would be able to do! Colostrum of my life. I had asthma when I was young and until my has made all the difference! I feel like a kid every day!” recent discovery of colostrum, I always caught every reports Jeff, excitedly.

Jeff Spring

• Colostrum Option • Winter 2000

Committed to Colostrum. . .Colostrum users discuss their experiences

Diabetes - I was so depressed and so sick for almost 2 years with diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis that I didn’t really care anymore. I was too sick to support myself and I didn’t know how I would get through each day. When I began taking colostrum, the first thing I noticed was that my apatite changed. (With diabetes, you can eat a big meal and still feel hungry.) After several weeks on the colostrum, I didn’t feel hungry any more. I noticed that my energy was increasing and that I wasn’t as depressed. Then I noticed that my blood sugar levels were changing. With careful monitoring (2-4 times a day), I have been able to lower my insulin from 96 units /day to 10 units /day, during the last 9 months. I used to take lots of pain medication now I take none; a good warm bath is all I need to help with occasional pain from overwork. Yes! I am working again and supporting myself after 2 years of not being able to. I have also lost weight - it almost rolled off me as the severe swelling in my whole body disappeared. All this didn’t happen at once, so I would encourage people to have patience. Pat B.

Diarrhea - I had no idea colostrum could make such a difference in my lifestyle. I have Type II diabetes and the medication I take gives me diarrhea - to the point that I often wondered if I would make it to work in the morning. It was only 2 weeks after beginning the colostrum that I noticed marked improvement. Now, after two and a half months, the improvement is what I would call “major.” I no longer worry about being away for longer periods of time and I can spend 2 hours on the golf course when I want to. Jim C.

PMS - I started taking colostrum because I thought it might help with bronchitis - which it did. But it has also made a profound impact on another area of my life. I used to have the worst PMS. Ever since I was a young woman I have had terrible cramps and severe mood changes for almost 2 weeks out of every month. I was easily agitated, anxious, moody and very difficult to get along with. It got to the point where I would plan my whole life around that time of month. I had even considered a hysterectomy. I had tried several supplements which were supposed to help with PMS but nothing made any difference for me. However, within 2 months after I began taking 6 colostrum a day, I noticed major improvements. Now, my period comes and goes and I don’t know the difference. I am not tired, I have no cramping, there is no clotting or heavy bleeding and I am calm - my whole disposition has changed! I have energy that I haven’t had in years. I am in my forties but I really feel like I did when I was in my twenties. Judy D.

Concentration and focus for children -I have three children who recently started taking the children’s chewable colostrum. I am amazed at the difference in their ability to concentrate and focus. I have had a unique opportunity to monitor their progress since I am home schooling my children this year. In a very short period of time, I have seen dramatic differences in memory retention, focus and concentration. This was so beautifully illustrated when my 11 year-old son participated in an annual speech contest. A year ago, he had extreme difficulty memorizing and recalling information. But this year, with the colostrum, his preparation was so much less stressful. He memorized with greater ease and his delivery was exceptional. He took note cards which he didn’t even need to use. My other children are experiencing similar benefits and I am pleased with their progress. With all the attention difficulties in schools these days, I wish every child could be given the benefits my children are getting from colostrum.

T. Hardgrave

Epstein Barr Virus - Three years ago, I was diagnosed with active Epstein Barr virus. I was tired and achy all the time. I had swollen glands and a constant sore throat. When I began taking colostrum, I initially felt very sick. I got a fever and was more tired for a couple of days. Then I got my strength back and I felt more energy than I had felt in 3 years. The aches and pains subsided and the perpetual sore throat went away. The acne I used to get on a monthly basis has disappeared and my skin is much smoother than it has been in a long time. I actually quit taking the colostrum to prove to myself that there was a difference. Sure enough, in about 5 days the aches and pains began again and I felt that familiar sore throat coming back. Within several of days after taking colostrum again, the symptoms disappeared.

J. Solitro

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I have had chronic fatigue since 1992. Besides the lack of energy and the discomfort, I also gradually lost the strength and stamina to exercise the way I had always done. When I heard about colostrum, I began taking a well-known brand. I started with the advanced dose and I experienced the healing crisis I had read about but when that passed, I got a boost in energy. I began running again and I got to the place where I could run between 1 and 2 miles, 3 times a week. However, I also noticed that if I tried to do more, I would experience all the old symptoms. When I heard about the additional benefits of “first-milking” colostrum, I decided to try it. I was amazed when I experienced a healing crisis all over again even though I had already been taking another brand. Now, I am running 2 1/4 miles, 5 days a week and also aggressively working out 5 days a week - without inflammation or other symptoms.

R. Jorgensen

Fibromyalgia - I have had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia since 1986. I have searched for answers within the health community but despite my efforts, I found myself bedridden for almost 2 months last September. I could barely lift my head off the pillow, and I was so discouraged. I asked God to give me something that would “jump start” my immune system and bring me back to health. Believe it or not, the very next day my daughter brought me a newspaper about colostrum. When I read that colostrum could literally “jump-start” the immune system, I knew that God had answered my prayers. Literally, within 24 hours after I took my first colostrum, I had regained enough energy to go out to lunch with a friend. The following day I actually felt like a young girl. I took about 11,000 mgs/day for several months, before reducing to a lesser amount, which I am committed to take regularly. I have also had some marvelous success with slimming down. I have lost inches without altering my diet. Janet D.

Headaches, skin problems and chronic pain - I am 75 years old, now, but according to doctors, I was never supposed to live this long. I have something called a histamine overflow and I also have fibromyalgia. When I started taking colostrum I took 3, twice a day. Within a week I noticed an increase in my energy but I didn’t notice anything else until I had been taking it for a while. Now I take 5 capsules, twice a day and the chronic headaches I used to have are 90% better. My sleep is also greatly improved. After noticing these results, I decided to make a topical formula for my skin. I mixed colostrum with extra virgin olive oil and put it on my face at night. Believe it or not, there is hair growing from the places in my hairline where it had begun to get thin. Also a small mole on my face has disappeared. A month ago I began putting it on a seed wart which has completely disappeared. Dorothy H.

Hypoglycemia - For 5 to 6 years I have struggled with hypoglycemia. Nearly everyday, several hours after lunch, I would feel its effects. I would get woozy and often have to sit down until it passed. Not anymore! I have been taking colostrum for a little over 5 months and the afternoon hypoglycemia attacks have ceased - completely! My blood sugar levels are in the normal range again. Also, for the first time in my life, I didn’t get sick at all during the winter and my allergies have been noticeably milder this summer. Charles R.

Chronic Pain - I have lymphocytic leukemia and I have had chronic pain for 20 years resulting from 18 operations, including a total knee replacement and four major back surgeries. The leukemia has caused anemia and I have taken heavy pain medication for years. When I was introduced to colostrum, I began taking 1500 mgs/ day. After several months, I noticed that my apatite had returned and that I felt much better. I increased the amount of colostrum I was taking and I was able to cut back on my pain medication. Monthly blood tests showed that I was no longer anemic. My oncologist was amazed and told me to continue doing whatever I was doing. My white blood count is still up (an indicator of the leukemia) but other indicators have been stable. I no longer have any pain at all in my knee and I can exercise on an “air walker” - something I never did before I started taking colostrum. Peter O.

Weight Loss - I started taking colostrum because of what it did for my wife. She had so much energy she was doing things she had never done before. I didn’t realize it would help me lose weight but I have been able to lose 20 pounds during the last 3 months without changing my diet. I used to play football in college but ever since I quit, I have put on a little more weight each year. Three months ago I weighed 250 pounds - now I am down to 230 - without even trying. Pete D.

Arthritis - I used to have arthritis so badly that I couldn’t close my hands completely. My knuckles were badly swollen and my fingers were so misshapen and stiff that I couldn’t lay my hands flat on a table. I began taking 4 capsules of colostrum a day and within 2-4 months I could make a fist again. With that encouragement I increased my dosage to 10 capsules a day and I began to notice that the swelling in my knuckles was slowly going down. One year later, I can stretch my hand out flat on the table and the size of my knuckles is at least a half inch less than it used to be. Besides that, my complexion is better and I just feel healthier.

J. Toennis

Muscular Weight Gain - I am a tree surgeon and I do a lot of weight training to stay fit. I have tried a number of things, including a homeopathic form of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), but I have never been able to really gain weight. My weight has stayed relatively constant for 30 years, between 190 and 200 lbs., until I started taking colostrum. After 3 months, I weighed 220 with no increase in body fat. I also noticed that I no longer needed an inhaler during the allergy season. I used to get colds and flu quite frequently but they are much less frequent now and they haven’t kept me from working like they used to. David K.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - I have had irritable bowel syndrome for 6 years, but when I started taking “firstmilking” colostrum, I was amazed at how quickly it began to help. After only 5 days, my symptoms are gone! I still can’t believe it. I have gone from being bloated most of the time, with cramping and diarrhea, to being completely free of digestive distress. I have also lost weight.

B. Chittenden

Dermatitis - I am a retired school teacher who has kept in touch with health and nutritional advances for many years. I was aware of the research on colostrum and I had tried a couple of different brands which helped me with overall energy. However, when I tried this “firstmilking” colostrum, some really significant things have happened. To my great surprise, it has resolved a lifelong constipation problem. My bowel movements are smoother and softer and the bleeding fissures I occasionally suffered from have become a thing of the past. The next major improvement was in my skin. The red rash from dermatitis that I have had for a long time is almost gone after 8 months. I have also noticed that my outlook on life is more positive. Ronald O.

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Questions and Answers About Colostrum

How much colostrum should I take?

The optimal amount of colostrum will vary from individual to individual and will depend on the reasons for taking it. Factors to consider are age, weight, and overall health. A general formula is to take 1000 mgs. for every 50 pounds of body weight.* This should be split between two doses. Those with a specific health concern should consider larger amounts. Many people build up to a higher dosage for a period of time and then reduce to a maintenance level when the desired effects are received. More colostrum can be taken during times of stress and illness to move through the symptoms quickly. There have never been any reported side effects from taking too much. What specific instructions should I follow when I begin taking colostrum?

It is usually best to begin by taking smaller amounts of colostrum - building to the desired amount. By beginning slowly, the chances of experiencing a healing crisis are reduced. A healing crisis accompanies the initial use of substances which enable the body to clear itself of toxins and waste products. An individual may experience flu-like symptoms for several days. If this happens, reduce the dosage and increase more slowly. Most people begin by taking one capsule (500 mg.) in the morning and one in the afternoon - then increasing the amount by 1 capsule per day until the desired amount is reached. When should I take colostrum?

Colostrum is best taken on an empty stomach with an ample amount of water. It is made up of large protein molecules which are designed to pass through the stomach and be released in the small intestines. It contains protease inhibitors which block the digestion of protein so that it can make its way to the intestines intact. If there is food in the stomach, it may not be adequately digested and food in the intestinal tract will compete with the colostrum for binding sites, making it less effective. Most people take colostrum first thing in the morning with a large glass of water and again later in the day, several hours after the noon meal. For best results, it is best not to eat for about 30 minutes to allow the colostrum to pass into the system. Some individuals notice that if they take it before bedtime, the extra energy it generates keeps them from falling asleep. It is recommended that it be taken before 7:00 p.m. Can children take colostrum?

Children, especially those who were not breast fed, can benefit greatly from colostrum. They will need considerably less than adults, depending on age and health. Colostrum may be very helpful for children where viral or bacterial infections linger or recur. The same is true for adults. Most children (and adults) can be helped at the onset of a cold by giving them colostrum until the symptoms disappear.

Will colostrum interfere with my other supplements or medications?

Colostrum has no drug interactions. However, because of colostrum’s regenerative properties, you may want to frequently evaluate the need of any medica

tions you are taking. Dosages may eventually need to be reduced. Because colostrum is so beneficial in contributing to the health of the intestinal wall, nutrients are often more easily assimilated and you may eventually need less of the supplements you take. Always consult your physician before taking any supplement.

Is colostrum free from hormones, antibiotics and pesticides?

Most producers of colostrum in the United States

company will have both. antibodies are passed along in colostrum from mother to baby and are meant to protect the newborn while its immune system is developing.

When individuals take colostrum, they get a “transferred immunity” for everything that the cows have recently been exposed to. They cannot be protected from pathogens which the cows have not encountered. The best colostrum can do is to provide antibodies from cows in numerous locations across the country. Pooling colostrum from thousands of cows in many different locations, provides the best chance for antibodies that will target our circumstances. The more human contact they have, the more likely they are to carry antibodies for our problems. Even though colostrum does not provide total immunity, with regular use, it can strengthen the immune system, increasing its ability to function at optimal levels.

I’m lactose-intolerant, can I still take colostrum?

The amount of lactose

in a “first milking” colostrum

is so small that it can be taken

by those who have a lactose

intolerance. In many cases,

colostrum heals the intestinal

wall thereby reducing or

eliminating many food aller

gies - including allergic reac

tions to dairy products.

Manufacturers who sell

“transitional milk” may add

lactase to neutralize the additional amount of lactose found in transitional products. What is the difference between true colostrum and “transitional milk?”

According to the Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition, composed of representatives from four organizations including the USDA and the American Dairy Science Association, “..secretions produced from the cow’s udder for one day after parturition are referred to as colostrum. Secretions produced on the second and third day after parturition are called transition milk. Colostrum differs from normal milk in many ways. It is markedly higher in solids, fat, protein, vitamins, and IG [immunoglobulins or antibodies], and lower in lactose. The amount of solids and protein declines rapidly after the first few days, so that by day 4, the milk reaches normal compositions.” ** Can humans really accept bovine (cow) colostrum as well as human colostrum?

Human colostrum, if it were available, would be ideal. However, in the absence of that option, bovine colostrum has been compared to the universal blood type O, which can be accepted by all humans. Bovine colostrum is the one colostrum which can be accepted by all mammals. The components of bovine colostrum have been shown to be identical to those contained in human colostrum and many times more potent. For healing and regeneration, bovine colostrum may even be better than human colostrum because of its potency. It is also good for all mammalian pets. What about colostrum from New Zealand?

Because New Zealand has such an excellent reputation for its dairy products, many have assumed that colostrum from New Zealand would be superior. New Zealand colostrum is collected from as long as 24-48 hours after the birth of the calf, indicating a “transitional milk.” Numerous individuals have reported taking a New Zealand product but when they switched to a “first milking” colostrum, they noticed almost immediate differences. Many health care practitioners have noted this same thing. After trying several brands, they noticed big differences when they found a pure colostrum.

*Recommendations are based on a “first-milking” colostrum - considerably more will be required if a transitional milk is used ** Reported in: A Guide To Colostrum and Colostrum Management for Dairy Calves.

An Educated Choice What to look for in a brand of colostrum

When you’re taking responsibility for your own health, it’s important to understand enough about the supplements you take to make educated choices. Here are 7 questions to ask when choosing a brand of colostrum.

1. Does this product contain antibodies from a wide selection of cows in my own country?

Antibodies are produced when an animal comes in contact with a pathogen. If you want to receive antibodies for pathogens you will be exposed to, choose a quality colostrum produced in your own country where the cows have had regular human contact.

2. Is this brand guaranteed free of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and other harmful

pathogens? Make sure that the brand you choose meets organic standards and is also tested and guaranteed free of harmful substances. A quality brand will provide you with testing results upon request.

3. Am I purchasing a true colostrum or a “transitional milk?” The concentration of beneficial factors is higher in a “first-milking” colostrum and health benefits will be received more quickly.

4. Has lactase been added to this product? The only reason lactase is added is to neutralize the higher amount of lactose which is found in “transitional milk.” Choose a pure product where nothing has been added and nothing has been removed.

  1. Have emulsifiers or other flow agents been added to make the product appear more soluble? Colostrum does not require an emulsifier to make it more effective.
  2. Have any additives such as whey or magnesium stearate been added? Always choose a colostrum that is 100% pure. If whey or other substances have been added, it is not likely to produce the benefits that an undiluted product would
  3. Will the company furnish an independent analysis of their product? This is perhaps the most important question of all, especially where your health is concerned. You have a right to view the test results of the product you are purchasing. Ask for an analysis!

• Colostrum Option • Winter 2000

“Colostrum is One of the Few Natural Supplements I Sell”

Charlie Blackmore owns a retail business where he sells 35 of the very best natural supplements. He feels strongly about each of the items he sells or he wouldn’t offer it - that’s just the way Charlie is.

In 1997 a physician introduced Charlie to colostrum. His subsequent research revealed a library of medical studies on colostrum and on several of the individual components in colostrum. His interest was peaked and he called several companies, asking for analytical information on the product. He was baffled when he couldn’t find anyone who would provide that information.

“I eventually found a manufacturer who sold a ‘firstmilking’ colostrum. They provided me with all the data I needed to feel comfortable about trying their product. I always try everything myself before I sell it in my store and I found that when I began taking this colostrum, I had more energy and a heightened sense of wellbeing,” reports Charlie.

“Because of my own experience and the experience of numerous others, I recommend colostrum regularly. It’s an ideal addition to almost any program,” says Charlie, who uses colostrum as an integral part of his weight management program which he has exceptionally good results with. “The growth factors in colostrum go a long way toward building lean muscle mass and they also instruct your body to burn fat for energy instead of using lean muscle tissue. This is a major help for those who want to lose weight and become stronger,” comments Charlie.

“Colostrum supports so many functions that it can often help when no other course of action does. I remember one client in particular. He came in ‘with one eyebrow up’ to get some colostrum for his allergies and hay fever which he had suffered with for 15-20 years. He was using allergy medicine which cost him $150.00

-$200.00 a month and there were still things he couldn’t be around - especially cats. After taking the colostrum for 5 days, he called me up and exclaimed, ‘The cat’s in my lap! I’m petting it!’ He later told me that when he stopped using the colostrum, his allergies came back but went away again when he resumed taking it,” reports Charlie, enthusiastically. “I’m glad I persisted in finding a pure colostrum that I could feel good about recommending to my clients,” he says.

Which is Better, a “High Ig” or a “First-Milking” Colostrum?

The other day a woman walked into a health food store and asked for “first-milking” colostrum. The clerk showed her a “high Ig” colostrum.

“I don’t want a ‘high Ig,’ I want a ‘first-milking’ colostrum,” replied the woman.

“What’s the difference?” the clerk asked.

Many people, even those who are trained, may not understand the big difference between a “first-milking” colostrum and what is known as a “high Ig colostrum.” The term Ig refers to the immunoglobulins present in colostrum. The higher the Ig, the greater the number of immunoglobulins or antibodies. In order to obtain a “high Ig” colostrum, it must be screened or filtered, a process which selects for one main immunoglobulin, (IgG1). The filtering process removes many of the other components, especially the growth factor portion - responsible for healing and regeneration.

Many people who purchase a “high Ig” colostrum do so because they think they are getting the protection of a greater number of antibodies. This is only partially true. A “high Ig” colostrum does contain a larger number of antibodies but these antibodies are still limited to the range of microorganisms which cows have been exposed to. A higher concentration of these antibodies does not necessarily provide protection against a greater number of infectious organisms.

Those who are seeking additional immune support should keep in mind that immunoglobulins are only a part of the immune support available from colostrum. Other immune factors and also the growth factors play a significant role in strengthening and supporting immune function. Some of these other components can also have a direct effect on pathogenic organisms. Still others help rebuild and repair so that the immune response is returned to its full potential.

While a “high Ig” colostrum has a higher concentration of antibodies, the resulting product does not necessarily provide greater protection from infectious organisms. Screening for immunoglobulins merely concentrates the existing antibodies while removing other important factors. It disrupts the balance of a “whole” food, eliminating the factors and co-factors that work together to support and strengthen immune function. On the other hand, “first-milking” colostrum provides the highest natural concentration of both immune factors and growth factors -maximum benefit from all the components. There is a big difference.

Colostrum Reverses Aging!
How young are you? More importantly, how young 80% between the ages of 21 and 61. Perhaps this is In a well-known study conducted by Dr. Daniel
do you want to look and feel? The aging process is why most of us are beginning to show symptoms of Rudman, volunteers between the ages of 61 and 80 re-
linked to rapidly declining levels of hormones. As hor aging by the time we are in our forties. ceived raised levels of GH for 6 months. The official
mone levels drop, the body’s maintenance, repair and In several studies on aging, supplementing with GH results from that study stated that the effects were
regulating systems deteriorate. Colostrum holds many produced increased bone density, increased lean muscle equivalent to a reversal of 10 to 20 years of aging! Other
clues to the aging process and the potential for many of tissue (loss of body fat), improved cardiovascular func studies have shown that GH and IGF-1 (insulin-like
us to slow down the biological clock. tion, rejuvenation of organs (heart, lung, liver, kidney), growth factor), when used together, stimulate regrowth
One of the growth factors contained in colostrum, increased elasticity of the skin (wrinkle reduction), in- of the thymus gland, a key part of the immune system
called Growth Hormone (GH), sometimes referred to creased energy and endurance, greater resistance to which also has age-related functions.
as Human Growth Hormone, is one of the most power- illness, improved emotional stability, hair regrowth and So, with colostrum, looking and feeling young again
ful anti-aging factors known. It is responsible for nu- color and improved sexual function. In other words, by is a lot easier than most people think. And when you
merous functions in the body, and like many other hor replenishing the GH, many age-related problems can feel young, the rest is easy.
mones, it declines with age. In fact, GH decreases about be dramatically reversed.  

A Note from the Editor

Two years ago I got a parasitic infection called giardia. For 6 weeks I wasted away with fever and diarrhea until I found out what the problem was. By that time I had lost 30 lbs. Taking care of the parasite was one thing but building up my body turned out to be another matter. My immune system had been seriously compromised, because of the damage to my digestive system. I got pneumonia twice and my sinuses were a continual problem. I had known about colostrum, but I didn’t understand the full scope of its action until I was doing some research and realized it was exactly what I needed. I began taking the best quality colostrum I could find with high levels of immune factors and growth factors. I started with 2 capsules/day, then 4, and finally 8/day. That’s when I felt an immediate increase in energy. After several months, I began to notice that my sinuses were getting a little better each day and after 6 months, they were so much better that I felt like a new person. Eighteen months later, I felt like my immune system was able to function on its own again. However, by then I was committed to the product because of the other benefits I was receiving - softer skin, fewer wrinkles and increased energy. This supplement has been such a help to my family and friends that I highly recommend it to anyone, young or old, healthy or not.

M. Pangman

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