Leaky Gut and Colostrum

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Thus, by this logic, leaky gut can be linked with a whole host of autoimmune diseases.

How First-milking Colostrum Helps Heal Leaky Gut

Quality first-milking colostrum can be of substantial value to anyone at risk for leaky gut. The immune factors in colostrum contain a number of antibodies that bind to invading microorganisms and hold them in check while they are destroyed by white blood cells.

The growth factors in colostrum, are also of substantial benefit in leaky gut syndrome. It is well documented that growth hormone and the insulin-like growth factor superfamily of proteins, both of which are found in abundance in first-milking colostrum, aid in the proliferation of new cells.

These and other factors in colostrum can actually help repair the damaged mucosal tissues. Recent studies have documented how the use of bovine colostrum reduces excess permeability caused by the use of NSAIDS. The repair of the mucosal lining may also decrease the severity of some food allergies— especially those associated with undigested food particles leaking into the bloodstream.

Colostrum & Painkillers

In June 2001, British researchers at the Department of Gastroenterology, Imperial College School of Medicine, London, demonstrated how important colostrum is to anyone using painkillers. It is well known that painkillers such as NSAIDs are effective analgesics and that some even reduce heart attack risk, but they also cause gastrointestinal injury. These researchers note the dearth of preventive measures for people on painkillers.

“Bovine colostrum is a cheap, readily available source of growth factors, which reduces gastrointestinal injury in rats and mice,” they say. They examined whether spray-dried, defatted colostrum could reduce the rise in gut permeability caused by NSAIDs in volunteers.

Healthy male volunteers partici-for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pated in a randomized crossover trial and arthritis also decrease—along comparing changes in gut permeabil-with overall bodily inflammation. ity before and after five days of There are even nutritional bene-indomethacin therapy. In healthy fits. Repairing the intestinal damage volunteers, indomethacin caused a caused by leaky gut syndrome can three-fold increase in gut permeabil-improve nutrient uptake. Leaky gut ity, whereas no significant increase syndrome results in significant minin permeability was seen when eral deficiencies because the same colostrum was co-administered. inflammatory process that injures the “These studies provide preliminary mucosal lining damages carrier pro-evidence that bovine colostrum, teins. These carrier proteins are the which is already currently available means by which many of the essenas an over-the-counter preparation, tial minerals are absorbed. The lactomay provide a novel approach to the ferrin and transferrin found in high prevention of NSAID-induced gas-quality colostrum serve as effective trointestinal damage in humans.” carrier proteins for iron and copper.

More studies should be forthcom-This is why many who have trouble ing. But this is certainly important for with anemia find help when taking anyone using such painkillers. colostrum. In addition, the casein in complete colostrum is a carrier pro-Benefits from a tein for calcium, allowing it to be Healthy Gut Lining effectively absorbed. Since the

There are many benefits that absorption of nutrients is so imporaccrue to people who free themselves tant to so many functions in the body, from leaky gut with the use of the resolution of leaky gut syndrome colostrum. Allergies and food sensi-can have positive effects on many tivities are markedly reduced. Risk other conditions. ❖

Prescription for Healing the Leaky Gut

There are many important steps to take for the health of your gastrointestinal tract. But one of the important things you can do is to bring quality first-milking colostrum into your diet. We highly recommend Immune-Tree first-milking colostrum.

Much of the colostrum sold today is what we would more accurately term “transitional milk.” It lacks the same amount and versatility of growth factors and immunoglobulins found in true first-milking products.

Dosage—Most people benefit from approximately six capsules of Immune-Tree colostrum daily. But many people purchase economy-sized jars and consume one to two heaping tablespoons daily for even greater benefit.

Immune-Tree has many different kinds of colostrum products from which to choose, including those for weight loss and bulking up. There should be one that is right for your needs.

Availability—Immune-Tree first-milking colostrum products are available at natural health centers and from health professionals. If you have any trouble finding a source, call Immune-Tree toll-free at (888) 484-8671 ext 2606. Health professionals can call (800) 916-3681 ext. 2606.

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