Leaky Gut Syndrome and Colostrum

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COLOSTRUM OPTION: The Life Link Needed For a Healthy, Vital LifePart II: The Leaky Gut Syndrome

Introducing readers to the wonders of Colostrum, an incredible healing foodthat gives an amazing boost to the bodys immune system, as well as helps repairmuch of the damage caused by both diseases and aging, is the book: Colostrum:Mother Natures healthy alternative for every generation! Written by Dr. Lance S.Wright and Anthony Kleinsmith.

Colostrum is actually a non-milk substance secreted by the mammary glandof all female mammals during the later months of pregnancy. This secretionincreases dramatically just before the mother gives birth, and then stops at birth,either it is used by the baby or reabsorbed by the mother, at which time, regularbreast milk begins to be secreted. Thus, the first real meal of most babies is theperfect combination of all the necessary immune and growth factors. In fact, thesecomponents are not naturally found anywhere else in such high concentrations.

Besides jump-starting the babys immune system, and stimulating growth,colostrum also promotes very rapid healing. All in all, it is estimated that theingredients in colostrum work to activate at least fifty different physical processesin the newborn body, all of which are vital to health and growth.Not only does colostrum fight disease by boosting the immune system,blocking and destroying dangerous pathogens, strengthening the bodys ownsystems, and speeding healing, its many antibodies also focus their energies wherean overwhelming majority of diseases and infections enter the body †the mucousalsurfaces. The largest of these is the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. In healthyconditions, the antibodies along with many varieties of helpful bacteria producedand located in the intestinal tract, destroy pathogens and stop disease. However,years of antibiotic use combined with additive-filled diets have weakened thedefenses, thereby allowing pathogens to enter the body and cause disease. Thiscondition that precedes most other conditions is known as leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome is the name given to a very common health disorder inwhich the intestinal lining is more permeable than normal. The abnormally largespaces present between the cells of the gut wall allow the entry of viruses, bacteria,fungi and other toxic material into the bloodstream. In healthy circumstances thetoxic material would be repelled and eliminated. In addition, undigested proteinand fat also pass through the leaky intestinal wall where, instead of being used toaid the body, they now present a health risk.

Leaky gut syndrome is at least as common as all the immune systemdiseases put together. Basically, it is caused by inflammation of the gut lining.This inflammation can be brought about by antibiotic use, alcohol and caffeine,foods contaminated by parasites, chemicals in fermented and processed foods,prescription corticosteroids, and an abundance of refined sugars.

Leaky gut syndrome creates a long list of mineral deficiencies because thevarious carrier proteins needed to transport minerals from the intestine to the bloodare damaged by the inflammation process. Also associated with a leaky gut arebloating, cramps and gas. Eventually, however, nutritional deficiencies can alsolead to systemic complaints like fatigue, headaches, memory loss, poorconcentration or irritability.

Since the immune and growth factors in colostrum do not break down duringthe digestive process, they are able to work their magic in the intestines, and arevery effective at combating leaky gut syndrome. Several factors, including theimmunoglobulins and lactoferrin, attack the pathogens in the intestines, inhibitingtheir reproduction, and preventing their attack on the intestinal wall. Colostrumgrowth factors are also anti-inflammatory and play a huge role in treating a leakygut. In addition, they repair damaged cells and keep the mucous layer of theintestines sealed and impermeable to toxins. This is evidenced by colostrumsability to control chronic diarrhea.

Healing the leaky gut reduces the toxic load the body has to combat, andgreatly improves nutritional uptake. We can help out by eating a nutrient-rich diet,and one that has adequate fiber. For the healthy individual or the athlete intraining, colostrum supplementation enhances the efficiency of amino acid andcarbohydrate fuel uptake by the intestines. More nutrients are then made availablefor muscle cells and other vital tissue and organs. The more efficient uptake ofnutrients causes a boost in energy.Art 2

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