Lupus and Colostrum

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Can Colostrum help Lupus?

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is one of the most complex and vicious autoimmune diseases and can attack almost any cell in the body. It is much more prevalent in females than males and, in humans, is more common in Asians and African-Americans than Caucasians. The disease is not restricted to humans and occurs in other species, including dogs and rodents. Once diagnosed, the disease is usually controlled based upon symptoms, most frequently using corticosteroids. However, it can suddenly fulminate and frequently is terminal based upon end-stage renal disease that results from the formation of immune complexes that block the kidneys. Patients suffer from periodic outbursts of pain associated with inflammation in an organ and are frequently lethargic with low energy due to an associated hemolytic anemia.

Routine use of high quality colostrum could only help these individuals.

1. The IGF-1 and the 87 proteins in the IGF superfamily would definitely assist in the regeneration and repair of damaged cells.

2. Having sufficient IGF-1 available would result in improved metabolism of glucose to glycogen, yielding more energy and diminishing lethargia.

3. Having sufficient IGF-1 available would result in improved metabolism of amino acids to proteins, helping in cell repair and replacement of damaged proteins.

4. Proline-rich peptide (PRP) is a known immuno-regulating substance, helping to keep an immune response under control. In SLE, certain aspects of the immune system are out of control and the presence of adequate quantities of PRP could be of value.

5. Thymosin alpha and beta chains are known to regulate the thymus, the seat of the immune system. As we age, the effect of these hormones substantially diminishes and the thymus shrinks. Restoration of thymic control of the immune system could be very important in helping to control the immune system of SLE patients.

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