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NEARLY TWO-THIRDS OF AMERICANS ARE OVERWEIGHT. Some people try to oversimplify the obesity
epidemic by stating that one should simply count calories and get more physical activity to lose weight.
While this is good advice, there are new studies that show that there is more to the story. Those of us
who are trying to shed pounds may fight biological factors that make the process more difficult.

Co”loss”trum + Leptin to Help You Shed Pounds

Obesity specialist Dr. Donna Ryan, associate director for clinical research at the
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, describes the biological hurdles we face when trying to lose
weight. When we start losing weight, levels of
the hormone leptin, which is produced by fat
cells, start to decrease. A message is then sent
to the brain telling it that the body’s “fat storage”
is shrinking. The brain sees this as impending
starvation and responds by sending out messages to conserve energy and calories.
Metabolism drops, and the brain sends signals telling
the body it’s hungry and sends out hormones to
stimulate the appetite. The combination of lowered metabolism and stimulated appetite equals
a “double whammy,” says Ryan.


Products that increase leptin can assist weight loss
by disrupting the mechanisms that may derail your
weight-loss plan. Originally developed as a supplement to build muscle in animals,
naturally occurringleptin appears to lead to a dramatic reduction in
food intake and to as much as a 50 percent reduction in body weight within months.
A randomized, controlled trial performed in
six different obesity clinics looked at effects of
leptin on 73 obese men and women. Researchers
reported in the 1999 issue of the Journal of the
American Medical Association that daily use of
leptin led to a mean weight loss of 15 pounds in
a 24-week treatment period. More than 95 percent
of the lost weight was from body fat. Subjects
who took the highest daily doses of leptin lost the
most weight.

In 2000, researchers discovered that when leptin works in conjunction with insulin-like
growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and other natural cofactors, it can help
restore fat cells to their normal size. IGF-1 directs
the body’s metabolic process, burning fat, balancing blood sugar and building lean muscle


Anthony Kleinsmith, PhD—the leading researcher
behind LeptiTrim6 diet products and the nation’s
foremost leader today on first-milking colostrums—
developed a line of leptin products. He discovered
how to produce the leptin-rich colostrum extract
(which is rich in IGF-1) that goes into every LeptiTrim6
supplement and product. Dr. Kleinsmith says, “Many
studies show that colostrum’s natural enveloping of
the leptin molecule and other potentially fragile peptides and proteins actually shepherds the compound
through the gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream where it does the most good.”
LeptiTrim6 is a proprietary formula that boosts
your ability to overcome the five underlying factors
that prevent you from obtaining long-term, successful inch loss:
 It helps fill the communication gap between your
stomach and the hypothalamus (the overeating
mechanism), which puts you in control of how
much you eat.It helps curtail cravings for sweets. It isn’t wrong
to want some sweets, but most people find they
aren’t in control and overindulge. This product
will help limit the amount of bad carbohydrates.
 It helps balance the body’s thermostat (the thyroid) for a better, natural thermogenic burn, but
without stimulants. The best energy source is
fat, and by getting your thermostat working
properly, you can experience much more
energy and lose inches.It helps increase your lean muscle mass, which
is a large part of your fat-burning engine, allowing you to burn more calories.
 It helps balance body chemistry which helps to
overcome insulin-resistant weight gain and has
a positive impact on your adrenal functionality
as well as blood pressure.So when you need extra help shedding pounds
or inches, turn to LeptiTrim6 with its promising leptin-rich colostrum extract.

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