The Natural and Safe Weight-Loss Supplement That Gets Results!

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Healthy Living’s Editor and Publisher David Steinman Shares His LeptiTrim6 Success Story!

I love LeptiTrim6. As many of our
readers know, besides running for
Congress to become the fi rst Green
Party candidate to reach Washington, I am also a call fi refi ghter trainee-applicant
for our local fi re station here in California. I’ve passed
almost all my tests and am working
on losing my last fi ve pounds (aren’t the last fi ve pounds
always the toughest?)
I asked Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, the world’s leading
expert on colostrum if he had any products that could
help. AndI have to say that his LeptiTrim6 system is
remarkable. I am about a pound away from reaching
my goal. His shakes, combined with LeptiTrim6 cleansing formula and Flex6, are helping me to eat far less
than before, and the weight is just falling off. It really is
quite amazing. The key is the combination of insulin-like
growth factor-1 and highly concentrated leptin. It works.
I will attest to that. Everyone is telling me my (I hate to
admit) double chin is gone, my tummy is almost fl at, and
everyone remarks on how thin I look.
I have been keeping a weight-loss journal, which
I’ve been posting on our Healthy Living magazine Facebook page. And I invite you to share your inspirational
weight-loss success stories with LeptiTrim6 products.
This stuff is amazing, and I can’t wait until tomorrow to
enjoy my next LeptiTrim6 shake. Delicious!

choosing the right nutritional weight-loss
supplement truly can enhance your efforts to shed those extra pounds. And
when you see quick results, it provides motivation to stay on track and achieve long-term
success. The trick is to be smart about what
you choose and go for a safe, natural product that is formulated with ingredients proven
to work. A nutritional supplement designed to
increase leptin levels in the body is an excellent
choice, as increased leptin has been shown to
disrupt the mechanisms that can derail your
weight-loss plan.
Naturally occurring leptin was originally
developed as a supplement to build muscle in
animals. However, it was observed that leptin
intake was linked to a dramatic reduction in
food intake and to as much as a 50 percent
reduction in body weight within months. In
December 2000, researchers discovered that
when leptin works in conjunction with insulinlike growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and other natural
cofactors, it can also help restore fat cells to
their normal size. IGF-1 directs the body’s
metabolic process, burning fat, balancing
blood sugar and building lean muscle

A randomized, controlled trial performed in six different obesity clinics looked at the
effects of leptin on 73 obese men and women. In the October 1999 issue of the Journal of
the American Medical Association researchers reported daily use of leptin led to a mean
weight loss of 15 pounds in a 24-week treatment period. More than 95 percent of the
lost weight was from body fat. Although there was considerable variation in the amount of
weight the individual subjects lost during treatment, subjects who took the highest daily
doses of leptin clearly lost the most weight.LeptiTrim6 combines colostrum, which is rich in IGF-1, and natural leptin, making it a
unique and powerful weight-loss supplement that is totally natural and safe. Dr. Anthony
Kleinsmith is the lead researcher behind LeptiTrim6 diet products and the nation’s foremost leader
today on fi rst-milking colostrum. He discovered how to produce the leptin-rich colostrum extract that
goes into every LeptiTrim6 supplement and product. Dr. Kleinsmith says, “Many studies show that colostrum’s
natural enveloping of the leptin molecule and other potentially fragile peptides and proteins actually shepherds the compound through
the gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream where it does the most good.”

LeptiTrim6 allows you to overcome
the fi ve underlying factors that prevent you from obtaining long-term,
successful inch loss, by:

• Safely controlling your appetite
• Cleansing your cravings for sweets
• Burning fat
• Increasing lean muscle
• Balancing body chemistries

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