Aids/HIV and Colostrum 3

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COLOSTRUM OPTION: The Life Link Needed For a Healthy, Vital Life
Part V: AIDS (HIV Virus)

Introducing readers to the wonders of Colostrum, an incredible healing food that gives an amazing boost to the body’s immune system, as well as helps repair much of the damage caused by both diseases and aging, is the book: Colostrum : Mother Nature’s healthy alternative for every generation! Written by Dr. Lance S. Wright and Anthony Kleinsmith.

Colostrum is actually a non-milk substance secreted by the mammary gland of all female mammals during the later months of pregnancy. This secretion increases dramatically just before the mother gives birth, and then stops at birth, either it is used by the baby or reabsorbed by the mother, at which time, regular breast milk begins to be secreted. Thus, the first real meal of most babies, is the perfect combination of all the necessary immune and growth factors. In fact, these components are not naturally found anywhere else in such high concentrations. Besides jump starting the baby’s immune system, and stimulating growth, colostrum also promotes very rapid healing. All in all, it is estimated that the ingredients in colostrum work to activate at least fifty different physical processes in the newborn body, all of which are vital to health and growth.
In previous issues we have discussed colostrum’s power in fighting leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It also has shown tremendous in boosting the immune system and strengthening the body of AIDS sufferers.

A couple of features make the HIV virus one of the most frightening bugs to catch. First of all, the virus mutates so quickly that the body cannot produce an antibody to destroy it. Secondly, how can we fight off a virus that directly targets the body’s main defense—the immune system? In fact, it is not finally the HIV virus itself that poses the deadly threat, associated with the AIDS disease. Instead, the HIV virus attacks the immune system, rendering it extremely vulnerable to other invaders. In cases of severe immune damage, a simple cold or flu can be deadly.

In a 1995 study in the Scientific American, researchers concluded that “traditional” disease fighting methods (the vaccine, for example) are just not effective in fighting the HIV virus. Instead, they recommend reducing the viral level on the body and stimulating the body’s natural immune response to have the best chance against the tricky virus.

Another study from 1995, this on by Martin C. Harmsen and associates from the Netherlands, indicates that the colostral immune factor lactoferrin is one of the best ways to reduce viral levels in the body.
Many of the immune factors in colostrum also help to stimulate or “jump start” a weakened immune system. Lactoferrin, for example, is responsible for “turning on” the immune system in newborn babies, and has been proven to do the same thing for adult AIDS patients. In addition, colostrum’s growth factors also boost the body’s immune function. Clinical studies have shown that HIV positive

patients who are treated with certain growth factors (in particular growth hormone or IGF-1) were much less likely to develop full-blown AIDS than were patients who received different treatments.
The growth factors also play an important role in preventing AIDS associated wasting, or severe weight loss. Wasting occurs when the AIDS-infected body begins using muscle for energy. Treatment with growth hormones and IGF-1 showed an increase in lean muscle mass among AIDS patients. This increase in muscle mass is one of the main keys to improving the quality of life of AIDS sufferers.

Mass wasting is most often brought about by severe, chronic diarrhea, one of the first symptoms of AIDS. Cryptosporidia and rotavirus take advantage of the weakened immune system, causing acute diarrhea. This results in a loss of vital nutrients and fluids and also depletes much of the supply of intestinal antibodies leaving the sufferer even more susceptible to dangerous pathogens.

Because this is one of the most serious problems that AIDS sufferers face, (even leading to death in the absence of other infections), much of the research thus far has focused on finding a way to prevent diarrhea. A 1992 study by Rump and associates, showed that, out of 37 immuno-deficient patients with chronic diarrhea, 72.4% experienced a significant improvement with the use of immunoglobulins from colostrum. Over half of the patients remained diarrhea free for at least four weeks after the treatment. A 1992 study said that colostrum immunoglobulins have been able to treat opportunistic, diarrhea-causing infections in AIDS patients where no other treatment was effective.
While we can’t yet fully wipe out the HIV virus, the immune and growth factors in colostrum show absolutely tremendous power in boosting the immune system and strengthening the body of AIDS sufferers. At the very least, colostrum will benefit the AIDS patient by prolonging and greatly improving the quality of life.

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